Calvin Swinton

Family Peer Advisor


Calvin, who also goes by Cal is one of the Family Peer Advisor for the SFC Center. In his role, Calvin develops trainings and organizes resources to support the work of Family Peer Advocates and the social service workforce. He is interested in advocacy and workforce development because he wants to pay it forward and be the person to uplift those with lived experience. Seeing all the great work done at the organization, Calvin wanted to work at the Foundlingto further support families in increasing their quality of life. In the future, he hopes to have several streams of income so that he can continue to support communities while working towards his own financial freedom.

Cal, who grew up in Harlem attended the Bronx School for Law, Government, and Justice. He later continued his education at Bronx Community College. In his free time, Calvin enjoys singing and playing video games.


Calvin has lived experience in the Juvenile Justice System advocating for youth in need, through providing overall support and advocatng for their best interest. He also has lived experience with Family Court and advocating for shared custody of his son, in addition to as well as being an advocate for the many people in my life who look for guidance navigating resources such as unemployment/HRA/etc.

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